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Cookies through the letterbox!


When you send someone something, why get them to wait for a parcel or bother getting it from the Post Office if they’ve missed the delivery? Well Decadence Delivered have a fab solution to sending DELICIOUS COOKIES which fit through a letterbox without the hassles or sending a parcel!

I was very lucky to receive a sample of these cookies by Decadence Delivered and it was such a lovely surprise when I found them waiting for me at home from the Postman. No waiting around at home for a delivery….no delays… no annoying notice from the Post Office saying I had missed the delivery…. and no driving to the Posts office to collect it!

The box is very elegant and simple and I could feel there was something very special inside. And I wasn’t disappointed 🙂 Inside were a set of beautifully made cookies each individually wrapped and the inside cover of the box indicates which flavour you have received.  It’s great packaging as it ensures the cookies are not damaged en route and presented very elegantly on opening.



So the important question of taste. Well you can tell these cookies are made from high quality ingredients when you bite into them. The texture is perfect – a combination of a chewy and crumbly cookies are just what I expected and for me, the sweetness was spot on as I am not a sweet tooth and I can’t stand sickly sweet cookies. I tasted the milk chocolate cookies which has cute milk chocolate buttons  to make a very pretty cookie. I would love to try the salted caramel ones next! There are currently five different cookie flavours you can choose from and you can see the choices on their website:




In addition to the choice of cookie, you can also personalise it if you are sending them as a gift, for whatever occasion. I imagine these would be perfect gifts for this Christmas!  And there is 20% off your current order, so there’s a good deal to be had. Whether you want to get these cookies for yourself or for friends and family, these delectable cookies will surely bring a huge smile to whoever gets to eat them!



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Be inspired by FREE Cauldron Street Food inspired Recipe Book !

I’m really excited to let you all know that one of the recipes from My Kitchen Adventures “Baked Tofu Samosas” has been selected to feature in a FREE recipe book! 🙂

To celebrate its sponsorship of the ‘best snack’ category of the British Street Food Awards, Cauldron Foods has created its own Cauldron Street Food inspired recipe book.  Carefully curated by Cauldron’s very own kitchen, some of the UK’s most talented food bloggers and Britain’s top street food vendors, the recipe book is FREE to download by visiting http://cauldronfoods.co.uk/street-food-recipe-book.

ALL the recipes on here are soooo good, so I hope you do have a look and try some of them out. Mine is on pages 18 & 19 🙂

Please do share this link and enjoy your own kitchen adventures with these recipes!


Baked tofu samosa PM1




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Brighten up your biscuits!


How about some fun-looking and colourful biscuits that are not as hard to make as they look?! These spiral biscuits can be frozen to bake at a later date (always great when you feel like a treat but are too tired to make anything from scratch!) and are popular with small kids as well as the ‘big kids’ in your household. Thanks to Sprinklebakes for this fab recipe! Click here for the recipe.

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