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Vegetable Tagine – the 1 pot wonder

A one pot Wonder!

This recipe came about when I was visiting one of our lovely Aunts. It was about 30mins until dinner time (well before my tummy was going to rumble!) and I wondered what she was going to make in the short time we had. I was so amazed when she explained this recipe and when all the vegetables were cut I was expecting to take out a couple of saucepans. But to my surprise she just took out ONE porcelain dish and put everything in it. It was like a magic trick! Then about 20 mins later, this beautiful bowl came out with some fluffy couscous and it looked like it had all taken hours to cook. I have made this several times now and it never fails to amaze me how you just need to ‘chop and drop’!

A meal for four in 20 minutes, healthy (no oil!) AND tasty. It’s true – I’m no Jamie! Check out the recipe here.

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