Giveaway & Help a hungry child with your email!

It’s going to be MKA’s 6 month birthday! birthday-296558_640

To celebrate, MKA is holding a competition to give away 2 veggie/vegan recipe e-book (PDF format) by Mark Foy to 2 lucky people! To enter all you need to do is interact with the website/facebook page/twitter page as much as possible e.g. by sharing the pages, posting your comments about the recipes, blog articles, your own tips & recipes, and retweeting! The more you interact, the more chance you have of winning!

In addition, I will also donate 25p to the charity  Oru Paanai for every single person who follows this blog with their email address (I will include those who have already signed up). Come on! What’s there to lose?!?!?!  Enter your email address on the top right hand side of this page!

The 2 winners & my total donation to “Oru Paanai” will be announced after midday 2nd Aug (GMT). (sign up on the homepage to follow the blog)

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One response to “Giveaway & Help a hungry child with your email!

  1. Hey Mykitchenadventures,
    Thanks for the info, Rag Pickers are the most vulnerable Hungry Kids in the society. They are the most downtrodden sect of the society in the entire world. They keep facing all the problems like health, nutritious food, education in their day to day life. What are the remedial measures for them?
    Keep up the good work
    Vijaya Satyanand


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