Quinoa & Veg Cutlets

It makes me so annoyed sometimes when people think that something so healthy can’t taste good too. So, the quinoa and veg cutlet recipe was born. There is so much flavour in these that whoever eats them won’t believe that they’re nutritious and packed full of protein rich Quinoa! I know I have very limited time to cook sometimes, so being able to freeze these makes Life a lot easier too. There are also lots of possible variations for this recipe and you can just put in whatever left over veg you have in stock. But it’s important to ensure the end mixture will be the right consistency to hold together during the shallow fry.

Even though cutlets are often thought of as a starter or snack, these are just as good for a light main course alongside some tangy Tamarind chutney and salad.

quinoa & veg cutlets

Click here for the recipe.



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2 responses to “Quinoa & Veg Cutlets

  1. Hari

    So i tried this recipe out last night and it was delicious. Firstly i have to say i have never been a great fan of quinoa. I was at a loss of ideas for dinner and found a stash of quinoa so i tried this out. i used just rice (leftover broken rice a little mushy)no potatoes and no chillies (as i am a bit of a wimp) i also used self raising flour on the formed chilled balls and a quick dip in milk and then breadcrumbs for a crisper finish. I went lovely with a herby leaf salad and some beetroot relish. yum yum yum!!


  2. Amelia Kennedy

    These sound lovely and a great idea to use Quinoa! I’m always looking around for different veggie recipe ideas as me and hubby are both veggies, so will be giving these a try. Thanks! x


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